How to Tighten the Knob on the Echo H2 Machine How to Tighten the Knob on the Echo H2 Machine

How to Tighten the Knob on the Echo H2 Machine

Tightening the Knob on the Echo H2 Machine:

1. Turn the machine off.
2. Using a butter knife or something not sharp to tear the rubber around the knob– gently
place the knife under the rubber ring on the knob to pry and remove the ring.
3. Carefully place the butter knife under the cover at one of the spots where there is a
small rectangle area. Carefully pry up the knob cover making sure you do not break off
any of the tabs that secure the cover.
4. Gently remove the rubber plug covering the screw in the center of the plastic knob
assembly with either the butter knife or a small screwdriver like you would find in an
eyeglass repair kit.
5. Turn the knob to the off position. Make sure the knob assembly is pushed all the way to
the valve or front of the machine, go ahead and tighten the screw until it is snug. Do not
overtighten the screw.
6. If you had to remove the knob assembly, it is very important that you make sure that
both of the small washers are back on the face of the valve where the screw will screw
into and also make sure the plastic knob is positioned so that the line on the knob cover
will be pointing to off and on correctly when re-assembled.
7. Once all of this is correct and the screw is tightened, replace the rubber cover over the
8. Place the rubber ring back around the knob assembly, find the rib and make sure you
place it on the forward side of the knob in the track that runs all the way around the
9. Make sure the line indicator on the knob cover will be pointing to the off position before
pushing the knob cover back on. Once all is correct, gently push the knob cover on.

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