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Product Advantages

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  1. The compact size makes it easy to install the under-sink. Can be installed cabinet wall.
  2. Generates high-concentration hydrogen water in real-time with no storage.
  3. High dissolved molecular hydrogen concentration.
  4. Great flow rates of 1.3 L/min.
  5. Discharge OH and ozone by PEM system. (no odor of ozone in the water.)
  6. You can use reverse osmosis to increase durability and more pure hydrogen production.
  7. Ensure electrical stability while using low voltage DC Power.
  8. Generate hydrogen water even when no minerals are in the source water.


Precautions For Safe Use

Please be sure to keep the following instructions to ensure correct use and to prevent unexpected damage to unit.


Serious Warning

Please follow safety instruction to avoid injury. This symbol is a sign for caution that can result in serious harm.

  • Do not attempt to dissemble or operate the device on your own. It may cause product damage.
  • Do not damage product. Doing so may cause injury or product damage and Void Warranty.
  • Residential and light commercial use only. Do not use it for more than 10 minutes continually. Do not use this appliance for any use other than the intended use.
  • Do not install where the temperature and humidity are high.
  • Do not install without Surge Protector being used or Warranty will be Voided.
  • Do not place anything on top of the machine.




Please follow instructions to avoid minor injury or product damage. This symbol is a sign for caution that can result in serious harm.

  • Clean with a damp cloth using water. Do not wipe with thinners, benzene, alcohol, etc.
  • Please use it in a flat safe place that.
  • Do not move machine when operating. Turn off and unplug machine before moving.
  • Unplug the unit if you anticipate not using the device for along period of time.





Installation Method

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  1. Turn off the water supply to the filter (or RO system).
  2. Unplug the tube from the faucet and plug it into the in-port on the Server. This tube should be connected from the filter system to the H2 Server System.
  3. Plug the tube you received with the H2 Server into the Out-port of the Server System and into the Faucet. All tubes should be 1/4 inch/0.635 cm in diameter.
  4. Turn on the water supply valve to the filter (or RO system)
  5. Insert the power adapter(DC12V 8.3A) Plug into the Echo H2® Server power connection and plug into Surge Protector.
  6. Plug the power supply with the green LED into the Server
  7. Please turn on and off the faucet valve repeatedly to ensure that the Echo H2® Server is normally operating.

*Disclaimer: In this video, we demonstrate how to install the old version of the H2 Server which have different components to our newer model, which include: external pressure reducing valve (now located on the inside) removal of the plug port holders, and discontinuation of the mineralizer. The newer model also includes an on/off switch and a hydrogen generator drain plug.


How to Use

When you open the faucet valve, the blue LED lamp at the top of the machine is turned on and the hydrogen water generator is activated to make hydrogen water.



When the faucet valve is closed, the blue LED lamp turns off, the hydrogen generator stops working, and hydrogen generations stops.




Product Specifications



Model Echo H2® Server
Power Consumption 100 W
ORP -400~-580 mV
Using temp, range 41°F~104°F/5°C~40°C
Supply Water Pressure 0~0.35Mpa/0~3.6 Kgf/Cm
Supply Water Type RO Water or Filtered Water
Dimension W 9.3 X D 3.6 X H 9.2in/W 237X D 92 X H 233mm
Hydrogen Generation Method Real-time mixing of water with Hydrogen
Input Power
12V 8.3A
Home Use/Light Commercial


Trouble Shooting Chart

Please check the following before calling Technical Support. If the issue continues, please contact Technical Support at (855)737-1114 and press 3 or email


Issue Cause Action
The Pump is working continually. The water supply is blocked or the water purifier tank is empty. Disconnect the power supply. When the tank is filled with water, begin using it again.
The hydrogen water does not come out after continuous use. The user has used the hydrogen water machine for more than 10 minutes continuously. Let the machine rest for 5 minutes.
Significantly less water comes out.

Shut off valve not fully open.

Power adapter is not fully installed.

Make sure all shut-off valves are fully opened.

Make sure the power adapter is fully installed in the back of the electronic module and the plug is completely installed in the outlet.

Water Leaks from Machines. Fitting and parts are not firmly connected. Shut off the water valve and unplug the machine. Open the side panel, and find the cause of the leak. Contact Technical Support.
Water Leaking out of Oxygen port. If water comes out from Oxygen outlet hole. Incoming pressure is too high. Install a reducing valve on the water inlet. Contact Technical Support.
Bubble in the water. This is due to the additional Hydrogen in the water. This is normal
Strange working sound. Operating sound, hydrogen generator sound. This is normal.
Water tastes and smells strange.
Long term unused. Run the machine for a few minutes.


For Warranty information, visit our product Warranty page.

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