To keep our manufacturer honest, our third party tester, H2 Analytics, does the testing of our machines and devices using the gas chromatograph instrument that directly measures the molecules of Hydrogen.

Dissolved Hydrogen Concentration

Using advanced gas chromatography, H2 Analytics can measure the level of hydrogen gas in water produced by virtually any type of hydrogen water product or technology. This service includes a complete laboratory report that can be used for marketing, etc. Products include hydrogen infusion machines (HIM’s), pressure HIM's, portable electric hydrogen water bottles, water ionizers, countertop pitchers, hydrogen-producing tablets & powders, passive countertop flow-through devices (magnesium-based), prepackaged hydrogen beverages (regardless of their color or consistency), reactor cartridges, H2 bubblers, and magnesium rods. 

Water Quality

H2 Analytics offers EPA-certified testing of the water produced by H2 water devices & products to ensure that they do not add harmful contaminants such as heavy metals, chlorine, etc.. Water tests can be customized for specific devices and applications. 

H2 Analytics Seal

The H2 Analytics Seal is awarded to those products and devices that have undergone testing at the H2 Analytics labs and passed the test. 

Click here to view all the products that are H2 Analytics Certified. 

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