Beware sign.PNG Safety Precautions

  • If the Echo H2 Machine is immersed in water by accident, remove the electrical plug and the surge protector from the wall socket and remove the Machine from water. Contact the Customer Support.
    • It may cause electric shock.
  • Always set the voltage of the Echo H2 Machine to match the voltage of the appropriate country. Any power other than the proper voltage MUST NOT be used.
    • Do not use the Echo H2 Machine with other electric devices at the same time as it may cause fire.
  • Do not pull on the power cord. Do not touch the plug with wet hands.
    • It may cause electric shock.
    • Remove excess dust from the plug on a regular basis using a dry cloth. Failure to due so may cause fire.
  • Insert the electrical plug completely into the surge protector. 
    • Loose connection may cause electric shock or heat generation leading to fire.
    • Do not use a defective plug, surge protector, or loose socket.
    • Do not bend the power cord by force.
    • Do not damage or deform the cord.
    • Wipe off dust or water from the plug pins and the connection parts. 
  • Do not install the Echo H2 Machine in an area exposed to extreme temperatures. 
    • Ambient temperature : 5~104 F, Water temperature: 41~86 F
    • Never install the Echo H2 Machine in a location where it may be subject to freezing temperatures.
  • Keep away from excessive humidity or dust, water splashes or direct sunlight.
    • It may cause fire or electric shock.
  • Connect the Echo H2 Machine to the cold water source line.
    • Connection to the hot water source line may damage the filter and /or machine and VOID YOUR WARRANTY.
  • Do not splash water on the Echo H2 Machine or wash the Machine with water.
    • It may cause short, electric shock or breakdown.
  • Do not un-assemble, repair or alter the Echo H2 Machine.
    • It may cause fire or electric shock. Please contact the retailer or the Customer Support for repair. Any alterations to the Echo H2 Machine not done by the corporate office will VOID YOUR WARRANTY. 
  • Remove the plug and surge protector from the socket immediately if there is abnormal noise or smell from the Echo H2 Machine, and contact the Customer Support.
    • It may cause fire or electric shock.
  • Do not block the Water Output. Do not bend, twist or press the hose.
    • It may cause water leak, incorrect pH level in water or Echo H2 Machine malfunction.
  • Do not use the Echo H2 Machine with any water source that is not already drinkable.
  • Surge Protector
    • Always protect your Machine by using a Surge Protector. If a Surge Protector is not used, YOUR WARRANTY WILL BE VOID.

Name and Functions

Names and Functions.png

Names and Functions 2.png


How to Install

Circle.PNG Installation Precautions

  • Install the H2 Water Machine only when the water is turned off.
  • When using the water with high hardness, you may want to use an in-line hard water filter or install a water softener.

Circle.PNG Above Counter Installation Procedure

How to Install.PNG

Beware sign.PNG Before installing, verify source water supply is off.

How to install 3.PNG

Circle.PNG Below Counter Installation Procedure How to Install 2.PNG

Beware sign.PNG Before installing, verify source water supply is off. How to install 4.PNG

Circle.PNG Wall Hanger Installation (optional)

Beware sign.PNG Install after closing water supply. Wall Hanger Installation.PNG

How to use

Circle.PNG Initial operation

Plug the machine into the surge protector and turn the master power switch on the back of the Echo H2 Machine to the ON position.


When the ON/OFF knob is turned ON, a voice announcement will be heard announcing the water type that is currently flowing, Filter life indicator will track the amount of water flowing and show the remaining filter life left.

Hydrogen Water 2.PNG

Circle.PNG How to Choose Hydrogen Water

Turn on the machine by rotating ON/OFF knob to ON position: the large round Hydrogen button should be illuminated. If not illuminated, press the Hydrogen button and this will initiate hydrogen water production You will hear hydrogen water is dispensed with voice message. 

You can use the hydrogen water by pressing the hydrogen water button (H2)

How to choose Hydrogen Water.PNG

Circle.PNG How to Choose Filtered Water

Turn on the machine by rotating the ON/OFF knob to On position. Press the filtered button. The H2 Hydrogen button will no longer be illuminated. Filtered water is dispensed with voice message “Filtered water”. In this mode, Hydrogen is not being produced. 

(You can use the filtered water by pressing the filtered water button even if the hydrogen water is being dispensed.)

Filtered Water.PNG

Circle.PNG How to turn off water flow

Rotate the ON/OFF knob to the OFF position. The LED Display will no longer be illuminated and the machine will go into standby mode.

Turn Off Water Flow.PNG

Circle.PNG Settings Button

The 'Setting function' can be operated only when machine is powered on. It controls language and volume settings.


1) How to set the language ※ The default setting is English.

  1. Touch and hold the Mode button for a few seconds until the ring sound is heard. The screen will appear as follows. Setting Language.PNG
  2. Press the H2 button to switch to the language setting (LAn0_ English) mode.

  3. Press the Filtered button to change the setting value as follows.
    (LAn0 → LAn1 → LAn0) LAn1 is set to Korean Language.

  4. Press the Mode button to save the setting value. Setting Language 2.PNG

2) How to set the Volume ※ The default setting is VoL3.

  1. Touch and hold the Mode button for a few seconds until the ring sound is heard. The screen will appear as follows. Setting Volume.PNG
  2. Press the H2 button twice to switch to volume setting (VoL3) mode.

  3. Press Filtered button to change the setting value as follows.

  4. Press the Mode button to save the setting value. Setting Volume 2.PNG

Change of Genuine Tag Filter

Circle.PNG How to Replace Filter

  1.  When the filter reaches the end of its life, the filter life indicator shows 0000, the filter replace icon will then light up, and the voice message will say "Replace filter" Filter 1.PNG
  2. Turn off the power switch on the back of the machine and shut off the water.Filter 2.PNG
  3. Pull the filter cover forward to remove it                                            Filter 3.PNG
  4. Push down on the top of the filter, then pull the top of filter out towards you. Filter 4.PNG
  5. Place the genuine tag filter with the arrow pointing toward the front, fit it into the groove below, and push it in.                                                                  Filter 5.PNG
  6. Match the direction of the arrow shown at the top to the direction of the arrow on the filter                                                                                            Filter 6.PNG
    Beware sign.PNG If the arrows are not lined up, the machine will not recognize the filter as genuine.
  7. Turn the master power switch to the ON position, Located on back of machine. Filter 7.PNG
  8. After pressing the filtered button in the standby mode, check for any leakage by flowing water for 2 ~ 3 minutes, if there are no leaks you can now close the filter cover.                                                                                                  Filter 8.PNG

Beware (Blue).PNG Please replace filter when any one of the flowing occur:

  • When the water no longer tastes clean and pure.
  • Excessive odor in the water and/or severely decreased flow rate
  • After prolonged period of inactivity more than 30 days.
    (You can remove the filter an put in the refrigerator if going away from the machine)
  • If the filter has been in use for over 1 year.

Circle.PNG Genuine TAG filter

The genuine TAG filter has no reset function. When the filter replacement time comes, the filter number graphic shows 0000 and the filter change icon flashes. “Replace the filter” announces and enters to the filtered water mode. The machine will not function until the filter has been replaced with a genuine filter.

Composition of Filter

Circle.PNG Composition of the filter Composition of the filter.PNG

Recommended period for changing filter

Effective period of filter use may differ greatly depending on season, usage, and environment. (I.E. water pressure, quality, and amount of contaminants.) It is recommended to change your filter at least once a year even if you are not prompted or experiencing any issues. 


Beware (Blue).PNG Please replace filter when prompted by machine or if any one of the below occurs:

- Please replace filter when the water no longer tastes clean.

- Filter replacement may be needed , if you haven’t used your machine in a long period of time.

Trouble Shooting Guide

Please check the following before calling Technical Support. If the issue continues, please contact Technical Support at (855)737-1114 and press 3 or email support@echowater.com

Symptom Check point Troubleshooting
There is no display in the stand-by mode.
  1. Is the power cord properly connected?
  2. Is the power switch turned ON?
  3. Is the fuse broken?
  4. Is the fuse holder properly coupled?
  1. Connect the power cord properly.
  2. Turn on the power switch.
  3. Replace the fuse. (250V/2A)
  4. Couple the fuse holder properly
Even with the supply of water, machine is not turning on.
  1. Did you replace the filter with an authentic filter?
  2. Did you register an authentic filter?
  3. Are you using a non-authentic filter?
Replace with an authentic filter, and rotate it to make sure it is detected by machine
Little or no water dispensed
  1. Is the water pressure sufficient?
  2. Is the filter blocked? or full?
  3. Is the Input Hose bent?
  4. Is the flow control on the faucet diverter locked?
  1. Check if there is water supply.
  2. Check if the water valve is open, or the hose is bent.
  3. Replace the filter.
  4. Straighten the bent hose.
  5. Open the flow control device and adjust the flow rate.
Power suddenly turns OFF during operation
  1. Is the fuse broken?
  2. Have you used the Echo H2. Machine for a long period of time at once?
  1. Replace the fuse. (250V/2A)
  2. The Echo H2 Machine will stop to protect itself from over-current. Wait for 5 minutes to recommence.
The filter replacement lamp flickers. Is the filter beyond the replacement cycle? Replace the filter.
Water tastes bad.
  1. Is the filter beyond the replacement cycle?
  2. Electrolyzed reduced water is highly active. although it is suitable as drinking water, a trace of cl2 may remain in the water leading to bad smell?
  3. Over-electrolysis due to insufficient amount of input water may cause bad smell?
  4. Is the hose for input water bent?
  1. Replace the filter.
  2. Adjust the pH level. If the problem persists, replace the filter.
  3. Fit a booster pump to increase the amount of input water.
  4. Unbend.
Water leaking around the filter or somewhere inside the Echo H2
  1. Is the filter properly fitted in?
  2. Is the leakage from somewhere other than the filter?
  1. Remove the filter, check the O-ring and put the filter back.
  2. Stop immediately and contact the Customer Support.



Echo H2 Machine Specification

Device Type Hydrogen water Generator
Model Echo H2 Machine
INPUT Voltage AC 120V or 240V, 50Hz~60Hz
Power Supply SMPS
Power Consumption Max 250W
Overall Dimension 10.5 x 15 x 5.3in (270 x 383 x135 mm)(WxHxD)
Applicable Water Inflow Pressure 10-71psi (0.7~5kgf/㎠)
Applicable Water Temperature 41°- 84°F (5~30°C)
Unit Operation Type On / Off Knob
Electrolysis Method Continuous Electrolysis
Filter Replacement Easy Replaceable Cartridge
Filter Composition Activated Carbon Filter(Cocunut Husk),
KDF55, Tourmaline, .1 micron Filter
Filter Life 1000Gal/4000 Liters or 1 year
Filter Life Indicator LED Module Indicator
ON/OFF Valve Manual Valve

Protection type and class against electric shock : Class Ⅱ device, Type B applied part

Echo H2 Water Machine Unboxing

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