What do the icons on your website mean? What do the icons on your website mean?

What do the icons on your website mean?

Below are some icons you will see on our website.

FDS Approved mean the plastics used in our devices comply with one or more of the FSA's guidelines for direct food contact.

ISO 9001 certified means that an organization has a quality management system that meets the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard, which is the most widely used and internally recognized standard for QMS

ISO 14001 certified means a company's environmental management system follows the ISO 4001 framework of standards. This framework helps organizations identify and mitigate harmful environmental effects of its products or services. It also helps them achieve compliance with environmental legislation and standards.

GMP Certified means our manufacturing process meet the highest quality and safety standards. This certification goes beyond compliance and demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement, Customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance.

BPS Free means that the product does not contain BPA (bisphenol A)

The Hydrogen icon means that we sell hydrogen products.

The NSF certification mark represents that the product has been certified by one of the most esteemed independent certification organizations. The NSF certification mark demonstrates that the our products meets the stringent standard requirements. This dedication to ongoing quality assurance sets NSF-certified products and operations apart.


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