Note: The units may have slight color and appearance variations. The instruction manual shows the H2-2800 as a demonstration unit. The usage method is the same for different models.


1. Do not operate the machine near an open flame.


2. Use the machine only in well-ventilated areas, do not use it in small confined space. Your average room is acceptable.


3. Do not use bad quality water like tap water, plain water. Damage may occur.(Dissolved substances in water will damage the electrolysis cell. Only distilled water is suitable)


4. Do not open the unit or disassemble any portion of the machine.


5. Drain water out before transporting the machine.


6. It is normal if there is a little water leakage or visual appearing after shipping, this is absolutely normal from when the machine was being tested before shipping.

Important Information:

1. Please read the manual in full before operating the machine.

2. Only DISTILLED water is suitable for this machine. Otherwise damage may occur that is not covered under warranty.

  • Water electric resistivity > 2megohm/cm or
  • Electric conductivity < 0.5us/cm
  • Do not use alkali liquid (KOH nor NaOH)
  • Never use tap water!

3. Please add some distilled water to the machine's reservoir before it is stored or put away for log period of time. If machine has not been used for over 30 days, add some approved water into the reservoir and wait for 24 hours before turning the power on. this is needed in order to keep the water cell membranes moist. Never let the machine dry up for more than one year as it may become inoperable. Frequently changing the water is good for the working life of the machine, because the water may become stale after time. We recommend changing the water after 10-20 hours working or about 1 week (1 to 2 hours working ever day).


Attention: Frequently rinsing the unit and changing the water is good for the performance and life of the machine.


Technical Specifications:

Hydrogen and Oxygen purity 99.99%
Max Hydrogen Output

H2-300:  300 ml/min

H2-600:  600 ml/min

H2-2800: 2800 ml/min

Max Oxygen Output

H2-300:   150 ml/min

H2-600:   300 ml/min

H2-2800: 1400 ml/min

Combined Output of H2 & O2

H2-300:    450 ml/min

H2-600:    900 ml/min

H2-2800:  4200 ml/min

H2 Output pressure 0.2MPa
Water Needed Only Distilled Water
Water Tank Capacity 1500 ml
Pressure Stability <0.001Mpa
Power Needed 110 or 22V±10%    50Hz--60Hz
Power Consumption 1200W
Machine Only, Weight

H2-300/600: 33lbs    15kg

H2-2800:       40lbs    18kg


H2-300/600: 14" x 9" x 16" (inches)

                    365" x 235" x 400 (mm)

H2-2800:      16" x 12" x 20" (inches)

                    410" x 300" x 500 (mm)


Product Display:

Product Display.PNG

Product Display 2.PNG


Instructions for use:

1. Remove the unit from its packaging, and inspect the unit for any damage that may have occurred during shipping. 


2. Open the water reservoir cap, fill the water tank with approximately 1 liter of distilled water. Once filled, let the machine sit and soak 30 minutes before the first use, because the electrolytic plates may become dry during transit.


3. Plus in the power cord, and then turn the power button on. It is located on the back of the machine.


4. Select the usage on the timer: Press the ON/OFF button to start hydrogen/oxygen production. Press the timer button to set or reset the desired working time, the minimum working time is 30 minutes and maximum is 360 minutes.


5. Connect the nasal cannula to the Hydrogen or Oxygen outlet to inhale hydrogen or oxygen. You may use one of the included "Y" adapters to connect H2 and O2 on the unit to breath them both together. Or you may use the same connector to both H2 ports to breath more H2.


Note: Never plug or block the Hydrogen or Oxygen outlet when machine is working. Built up pressure will damage machine.


6. To stop or pause H2 and O2 production: Press the ON/OFF button to pause the machine. Turn of the rear On/off switch to turn off the unit completely.



After some time, the water in the machine will become stale and less efficient. It is advised to drain and change the water after 20 to 30 hours of use. Drain the water through the reservoir drain port on the back of the machine. (preferably over a sink pan) Remember  to remove the fill cap so the reservoir drain tube will drain water out automatically. Replace the plug and add new water, drain again. Repeat these steps 2 times and add new water to use. This will keep you unit running strong and clean for many year.


Attention: Frequent water change is good for machine!

If the machine is not in use for a long period of time, please keep some water in the tank. When you use it again, drain the old water first, pour in enough fresh water, and then drain. Repeat 3-4 times.


How to Clean

View video on how to clean one of the filters

View video on how to clean the second filter



Requirements for Operational Environments and Conditions:

1. Temperature: 2°C - 40°C

2. Humidity: <85%

3. Power Supply: 100 or 220V±10%    50HZ--60Hz

4. The machine must be operated in the upright standing position.

5. Do not shake or lay the machine down in any circumstance.

6. Do not expose machine to an open flame.

7. Do not use it in dusty environment, avoid conducting particles, acids, alkalis, and any corrosive gases.

8. Good ventilation is necessary

9. Do not modify the cord's plug as a ground connection of power supply is necessary for safety.



Fuse Blows Check plug in the wall, check the surge protector, change fuse (4A) Extra in bad and in fuse holder.
Tube leaks at machine end

Use adjustable wrench to tighten chrome nut 1/8-1/4" turn clockwise

Add second silicone washer and retighten

Blue water drop doesn't fill with H20 Drain unit/machine and refill reservoir



Warranty is guaranteed for the first year

Warranty will be invalid in the following circumstances: 

  1. Users do not operate the generator according to the operating manual.
  2. Users disassemble parts by themselves, which will void the warranty.

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