Why are the bottles 8-10 oz? Why are the bottles 8-10 oz?

Why are the bottles 8-10 oz?

These bottles are specially designed to give you a concentrated high dose of hydrogen without needing to have all your water intake come from the bottle (although you can!).

Therapeutic hydrogen levels begin at 0.5 PPM, which is WELL below the PPM levels achieved in just 1 cycle of Echo Hydrogen Water! Just 1-3 bottles per day provides a sufficient amount of molecular hydrogen to potentially grant health benefits!

If you are wanting every ounce of water you drink to be enriched with hydrogen then you would want to consider getting a H2 Server or H2 machine.

We also have the Hydrogen Water Pitcher that will hydrogenate around 57 ounces of water (awesome for those needing larger quantities). The pitcher isn't a great "portable" option but again, you can add the water to any air-tight container you have.

Our bottles are designed to be easily portable and lighter-weight. Because of the process involved and the equipment needed for hydrogenation larger units aren't ideal for portability or for effectively hydrogenating the water to therapeutic levels (0.5 ppm and above). We recognize sometimes it works better to have a larger amount of water on hand! When this is the case many customers will make the needed amount of water and add it to larger water bottles. 

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