To reach our team for questions regarding installation, warranty and repairing, call (855)737-1114 and press 3 to reach the technical support team or email

To ensure a smooth and efficient resolution, please submit a claim here.

Tech support can walk you through troubleshooting on any of our products. We offer repairs on the following products: Echo H2 Server, Echo H2 Machine, Echo Ultimate, Echo Whole Home Water Filter System.

Please review our warranty page for your specific product to know what your coverage is.



Submit a Repair Claim through our claims portal. Once the repair has been approved you will send the item back to us

Once we receive the item, we will check it in and send you communication that we received it

We will run a diagnosis on the machine and email you the invoice on the determined issues. (See below for the breakdown of repair fees). We will get you the diagnosis within 24-48 hours.

  • At this time, we will set expectations with you on the amount of time required for the repair (~7 business days). Times may fluctuate due to part availability.

Technical Support Fees

  1. Diagnostic fee $125 (included under warranty)
  2. Repair Fee $125 (Included under Warranty)
  3. Parts pricing determined upon machine inspection (included under warranty)
  4. Full spectrum internal and external cleaning (optional) $250
  5. Shipping from Echo back to Customer $30 (international shipping cost will vary depending on location)


Please note: we do not repair discontinued machines such as the Echo 7, Echo 9, Echo 9 Ultra, and Echo Retro.

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